My Jobs over the years…..

1970 – Farm Work

Just typical kid stuff, bale hay & straw, etc.

1971 – LandMark

Detasseling corn. Made a whopping $183.00 that summer!

1972 – Home & Farm Work

Cleaned chinchilla cages for Pop and more hay & straw bales.

1973 – Sunoco

Got my drivers license and a real job at the gas station. Made $753.00 this year!

1974 / 75 – Sunoco

High school years, got out of school @ Noon, worked from 1:00pm until 10:00pm

1976 – Sunoco

Worked about half the year at Sunoco…

1976 – Monte Zinn Chevrolet

Thought I’d be a car mechanic, they thought I’d be a service writer. Left after 3 months.

1977 -Appalachia Sound Studio

Always loved hi-fi and though about becoming a recording engineer.

1977 – Long John Silvers

Stared as a day shift cook to help a friend, left after several months as a assistant manager.

1977 – Parsons Door

A waitress at Long Johns got me a job here. Her dad was the VP. Got fired for asking for a raise.

1978 – Vega-Fruit

My truck driving career stared and ended here. Was fun when the truck didn’t break down.

1978 – SCA Services

Learned to run heavy equipment here. Hard work, lot’s of fun!

1979 – B. G. Danis

Ran heavy equipment for Danis.

1989 – Danis / Ball PC

Still running heavy equipment for Danis, but also started my own company, Ball PC Software.

1995 – Danis / Ball PC

Working at Heavy Division for Danis. Ball PC growing little by little.

1999 – Danis / Ball PC

Left Danis in the fall. Working full time for myself now.

2000 / 05 – Ball PC

Went back to school and became a computer systems engineer.

2006 / 19 – Ball PC / Ball Aquatics

Started Ball Aquatics January 2006, still doing computer work too.

2019 – Ball PC / Ball Aquatics

Retired Ball PC in January and Ball Aquatics end of June.

2019 – Walmart

Part timer stocking and later doing oil changes.

2020 / Present – Home Depot

Working 3 days a week at Piqua Home Depot. Fun job!